Your Guide to making illustrator work for your creative business

Create passive income, grow your offerings, & learn a new skill all at the same time!

Creatives, makers and business owners,

Do you have problems using illustrator?  Are there things you wish you knew how to do?  Do you want to save hours of your time by learning shortcuts and efficient ways to use the tools?  Would you like to learn how to digitize your work so that you can grow your business? 

A _, _ and useful guide into how to use Illustrator for your business, so that you can create passive income, save valuable time, and produce ready-to-go digitized work! 


Illustrator for Your Business

Learning illustrator can open up a world of possibilities for your business. Not only is it so valuable to learn how to digitize your work as a creative, but it's also helpful to have the tools to start, build, and grow your business. .....


Is this course for me? 

Yes! If you want to learn new tools to fuel your creative business, create passive income for yourself, and cut down on your time and effort. 

This course is Ideal for:

Calligraphers, Hand letterers and Illustrators: You'll learn how to vectorize and digitize your work, so that less time is spent creating only originals for each project, and more time is spent growing your business, the smart and efficient way. 

Makers: blah

Creative business owners: blah

You'll learn: 

  • The basics to working in Illustrator
  • Most popular shortcuts to save you time
  • Sizing and having multiple artboards
  • How to vectorize your work two ways
  • How to make clipping masts to images and graphics
  • How to have text on angles and arches
  • And how to create a page layout using everything you learned


"blah blah blah"

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Course Curriculum

Welcome & Introduction

  • Welcome from Hayley
  • What You'll Learn
  • Goals for this Course

General Illustrator

  • Setting up your workspace
  • Most popular tools and their shortcuts
  • Swatch Colors


  • Printing using artboards
  • Editing and Resizing Artboards

Vectorizing Your Work

  • Vectorizing your work using Trace Tool
  • Vectorizing your work using Third Party Apps

Layouts in Illustrator

  • Using Clipping Masks for your Designs
  • Creating Text that curves and arches
  • Creating a Business Card Layout

Wrapping It Up

  • A Final Word from Hayley
  • Resource Library 

Frequently asked questions

When does this course start?

Whenever you want it to! This is a self-paced online workshop that you can work through on your own. 

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If this isn't for me, can I get a refund?