As most entrepreneurial journeys begin, HB Designs started as a side hustle with big dreams of becoming it's own full time design studio. And in July of 2017, that dream came about.

HB Designs opened it's doors as a full time design studio serving creative small business owners who wanted to take the next step in growing their business and connecting with their target audience, and that's what we're doing to this day.

HB Designs creates authentic, custom branding for the dreamers, late-nighters and small business entrepreneurs.

With a background in print design and a passion for textures and printing techniques, we bring together design elements like logos, custom illustrations, fonts, and colors with stationary items to create a fully-formed and well-rounded brand for our clients to walk away with. 

Our goal is for each client to leave with branding that is not only beautiful, but equips and empowers them to grow their business and reach the customers that they dream of serving. 




Hey, I'm Hayley! The owner and graphic designer behind HB Designs. Most days you can find me at my home office working to create authentic brands for my sweet clients. There may be a few lattes, cuddle breaks with my two rescue pups, and some Harry Potter sprinkled in between! 

I love heartfelt brands and entrepreneurs who are on fire for what they do and who they serve. And I love client's who get just as excited about the design process as I am! 

My style is minimal, clean and type heavy! I love monograms and putting new spins on my client's initials. I also love creating custom illustrations and patterns.

Collaboration is extremely close to my heart, and throughout the design process I want every client to be a collaborator, not just a customer. I am all ears for ideas, goals and inspiration and love getting to know each client's stories, passions and struggles. 


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