Take to Telluride

If you’re looking for the cutest little mountain town, nestled in a valley, then Telluride is your place. While we were there, we stayed in the Mountain Village, which is right at the base of the ski mountain. It reminded me a lot of Keystone’s base area. You ski right up to the cutest square with taverns, lunch places and coffee shops. You could wind through the square and find more areas with restaurants, shops, more coffee shops (heart eyes) and an ice skating rink.

There is something for everyone to do. My entire family skis or boards and spends every waking moment on the mountain, but I know that most families that go have one or two members who are completely content to find a good reading nook with views of the mountain. Telluride had no shortage of non-skiing activities.

While we were there, we got to enjoy the town, take advantage of the gondolas, see a fire festival, and also spend some good nights in, playing games and watching videos from the day.

Caleb and I decided to take a rest day after between four days of skiing. It was such a fun day and we are so glad we took time to explore and enjoy all that Telluride had to offer.

For our rest day, we took the gondola from Mountain Village to Telluride and spent most of the afternoon walking through the town and popping into cute boutiques and food places. Our first place was Brown Dog Pizza. We got a late start to the day and were ready for lunch by the time we started exploring. We had heard great things, and it did not disappoint. The pizza was delicious, the service was wonderful, and it was a bonus that a football game was on. I would describe Brown Dog as Buffalo Wild Wings meets an old fashioned pizza joint. There were big screens that took over an entire wall, the tables were placed in every nook and cranny and the servers were warm and friendly. It’s definitely a place to go!

We spent the rest of the day exploring all the little shops. We had to get a few Telluride souvenirs, so we scoured the shops for something unique. We ended up with a coffee mug and t-shirt. We went into several shops, including the Overland shop, a wood working shop, and several clothing boutiques and had walked off the pizza and were ready for a snack. We were told about Smugglers, which is pretty much a tavern, with really good bar food. We shared the fried pickles with bacon aioli, and a salad (because we are healthy like that ( ; ). They were delicious.

After exploring some more shops, we stopped by Baked in Telluride to grab donuts and scones for breakfast, and cookies for that night’s dessert. We had been told that Baked in Telluride was the best bakery in town, so we were sold. There were donuts bigger than my face and freshly baked cookies. The entire store smelled like sugar and fresh breads. I fell in love at that moment….I also accidentally dropped the last chocolate glazed donut on the floor and about cried. Caleb knows this all too well, but I am cursed when it comes to the last of anything food-related. It either ends up on the floor, on my clothes, or eaten by a dog. It’s the worst.

The last night, before we all took our separate flights home, we ate at ‘hands down’ the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, called Cosmopolitans. It was a recommendation from someone we had met during the week, and afterwards I wanted to find that person and give them a huge hug and a peppermint hot chocolate. And funny story, the owner and Chef has started multiple restaurants, including 501 Cafe in OKC.

This was definitely a special occasion restaurant. The service was phenomenal, and the food was to die for! It was one of those meals, that during appetizers/waiting for your food to come, it was full of conversation and laughter and story telling, but as soon as we took our first bite, it was absolute silence until we were finished. I had the seafood stew, which I practically inhaled and then lost consciousness. It was delicious! Caleb had the prime rib, which was mouth-watering (I’m drooling now just thinking about it). Others had the steak, which was so tender, you could cut it with a butter knife, and others had the pork chops with mac and cheese! Yum! If you go to Telluride and don’t eat at Cosmopolitans, I will buy your flight back, just so your taste buds can experience it.

I hope this gives you a little taste of Telluride ( ;

If you missed the recap video of our ski adventures, check it out here.