The Mountains Are Calling - Telluride

Skiing is an odd sport. Let’s think about it. Those of us who are skiers are ecstatic to strap long pieces of waxed fiberglass to our feet (making us human bullets) and trust a tiny chair that is hanging on by a wire to take us up to the very tip top of a mountain. Then we make our way down said mountain, weaving through trees and rocks, trying not to fall off the edges of cliffs that are marked by a tiny orange yarn that couldn’t hold a grasshopper back. And we do that over and over until the workers tell us that we are finished for the day. Skiing is obviously for crazy people, and I’m proud to be one of them. Dave Barry said it best, “Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.” My mom knows that all too well (love you mom!).

Even though skiing is insane, I’m in love with it. The spectacular views from the top, the feeling of accomplishment when you get down to the bottom and look at what you came down, the magic of snow and how it billows on the trees and buildings making it look like another world, and how good a hot chocolate tastes at the end of the day. There is no other time of the year when bundling up in layers and willingly spending hours outside in freezing temperatures sounds like the best thing in the world to me. If I am anywhere else than a ski mountain, you’ve better drug me if you want me to leave the comforts of my sweatpants and hot chocolate. Can I get an amen?

Since I was 5 or 6 my family has taken an annual ski trip, and it has always been the highlight of the year. We’ve been all through the New Mexico and Colorado Mountains, but Telluride was one mountain that we couldn’t claim until this year. And WOW! It was a beauty and a new favorite. If you are planning a ski trip and are still deciding on where to go, stop, and choose Telluride! You won’t be disappointed!

Below is a combination of gopro videos from the 5 days we were there! Enjoy! (Also, if you are a skier/snowboarder, buy a gopro!)

On Instagram, you can enter the hashtag #take2telluride to see my pictures from the trip.

Music by Wall Off the Earth: Rule the World, from their Album: Sing It All Away.