Benefits to knowing your personality type

The month of April has been all about Personality types and figuring out how you can use what you know about your personality to help strengthen your business/career. 

Now, there are 16 personality types, so I'm not going to go into detail for each, but I will highlight each letter and then go into my personality type, incase you happen to be my personality buddy. If you're curious about what your personality type is, head over to 16 Personalities and take the free online test. 

E / I - Extraverted vs Introverted - Where you get your energy from. (E) External/around others or (I) Internal/yourself

S / N - Sensing vs Intuition - How your process information. (S) Take in information with your 5 senses and the present and facts vs (N) future thinking and possibilities and connecting patterns

T / F - Thinking vs Feeling - How you make decisions. (T) Objective, analytical, quick decision makers vs (F) emotional, people-focused, subjective

J / P - Judging vs Perceiving - How you move through the world/live your life. (J) Like things more structured, love lists, needs structure vs (P) flexible and spontaneous, like to keep their options open


I'm an INFJ. I am going to dissect my four letters to show you how each one shows itself in my everyday. 

I (Introverted) - Based on different situations, I can hop over to the extroverted side easily, but when I've had a lot of interaction in one day, I'm exhausted. I feel like my personality and words are used up. To get refilled, I spend time alone (which is different from an extroverted person). I spend time reading, cuddling pups, gardening or taking a walk outside to get refilled and ready for the next day or next interaction.

N (Intuitive) - People with this letter tend to focus on the future and that describes me to a T. I am guilty of thinking too much and planning too much for the future. I'm constantly day dreaming about what's going to happen tomorrow, what life will be like a year from now, where will we retire, where will our next vacation be to, etc. 

F (Feeling) - I am a HUGE "feeler". I base almost every decision or idea on my values and feelings, which can be good and bad. I am more often than not going to ask "how do you feel?" about a situation than "what do you think?" I am very in tune with my emotions and feelings and can process situations better when I focus on those things. 

J (Judging) - Now, if you take this letter for the word itself, it seems like a negative letter to have, but it is actually completely different than that. People with this letter like planning and organization. Being a creative person, this one caught me off guard, but makes so much sense. I am a planner and extremely organized. Processes and routines allow me to be creative with a purpose. I like guidelines and perimeters when I am creative, because I can focus on the goal of each project. I'm not one of those people who enjoy creating for creating's sake. 


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