Henry's Birth Announcement

It is a special thing when you get to see friends from high school and college graduate and start their careers, get married, and then start their families. I have been blessed to see many of my good friends from high school and college do just that, and one of them came to me to design the birth announcement for her beautiful baby boy.

Leslie had a vision of using a hunter green color in the invitation to match that total swoon-worthy chair that baby Henry is laying on, so I matched up the color with some watercolor marks in the design.

After seeing the images from the talented Laura Vanderzee Photography, I knew we had to go with a textured paper to match the chair and crocheted blanket in the images. So we went with a linen cardstock paper, one of my favorites!

Leslie and Andy, I’m so happy for this special time in your life and new adventure with little Henry! Thank you for letting me work on something so precious!