Evolve Logo Design


I love when happy clients keep coming back! Jade from Two Girls in the City (See their logo here) came to me to work on a logo for a consulting business she’s starting to help women find their fashion style, have clarity when shopping for clothes, and feel confident and beautiful in the clothes that they wear! Being honest, I could totally use a little bit of that, but can’t we all?

Jade came to me with an idea for the logo and we went from there, exploring typography, colors and watercolor marks. I am so happy with the logo that we ended with.

And without further ado, here it is!




And there you have it! We are so happy with how it turned out!

It is so important to me to work alongside my clients to get the logo that they want and that will tell their unique story. They know their story better than I do most of the time, so with that knowledge partnered with my design skills, we can make a logo that aligns with what they want but is also well designed and beautiful.