Heart and Hope Photography

Can you think of a memory when your family was together, maybe sitting down for a family dinner, or playing cards, or competing in an annual family football game, and you thought to yourself, I wish I could freeze this moment?

Audrey from Heart & Hope Photography has a heart for documenting the every day moments that we don’t think to capture until later on, when it’s too late. Her passion for preserving a family’s heritage and legacy is exactly what inspired me to partner with her to create her branding and logo design.

On our first phone call together to talk about the purpose of her business and goals for the process, I was in awe of how much clarity she already had in what she wanted to do. Heart & Hope was going to serve families that wanted to preserve their everyday memories and stories, and it was going to do it by spending periods of time with the family doing normal every day things. How refreshing! I love that she had such a unique goal, instead of wanting to be another posed family photoshoot photographer.

What makes it even better, is that Audrey has a history in editorial and documentary photography, so it will not only feel natural, but it’s how she was trained.

Heart & Hope Photography was created with a purpose of honoring and investing in a family’s story and heritage so that they can live on through the next generations.

When we got into the process of discovery and sketching, Audrey’s keywords were “high quality, authentic, nostalgic, heritage, family oriented/legacy, warm and creative” which put her in the Autumn seasonal personality.

She wanted her branding to have a strong sense that the work is worth investing in and she wanted it to feel classic, warm, natural and well-loved. So we went about creating her moodboard and sketches using these keywords and goals.

Heart and Hope Photography - Moodboard - Family Documentary Photography - Oklahoma photography - Tulsa Brand Designer
Heart and Hope Photography - Tulsa brand designer - logo sketches - hayley bigham designs - photography brand design

After getting through the sketches, we ended on a combination of #3 and #6. Type heavy and minimal, but also has a warm feeling, especially paired with the autumn color palette.

We created a completely custom font for Heart and Hope that combined letters and created that warm, well-worn feeling of old typography. We paired it with a minimal submark that was inspired by a stamp, and a wood grain pattern that is a symbol of many of Audrey’s own family memories.

Heart and Hope Photography - tulsa brand designer - documentary photography brand - oklahoma logo design - Hayley bigham designs

We then moved onto her stationery suite: a business card and a digital pdf pricing guide. Her business card is sleek and minimal and brings in the deep navy and camel colors from her color palette.

Heart and Hope Photography - photography business card design - tulsa brand designer - Hayley Bigham Designs

Her pricing guide may have been my favorite piece, because it brought each element of her branding together in a visual guide that will be sent to her potential clients. It is minimal and type heavy, but also showcases some of her work as a documentary family photographer.

Heart and Hope Photography - pricing guide design - tulsa brand designer - hayley bigham designs - photography logo design

It was such a joy to work with Audrey on the branding for Heart and Hope Photography. To learn more about Heart and Hope or book a family session, head to her website!