CoWorking Bravely - Logo Design


About The Project

Sarah came to our local Tuesdays Together chapter with a big idea of opening up a coworking studio for women in Tulsa, Oklahoma that would allow women to have a place to connect, create and grow. As a work-from-homer myself, I resonated a lot with her reason behind opening a coworking space. Most of us are looking for a place to get some separation from distractions. 



With her target audience being women in their 20's - 30's, our goal was to create a creative, feminine, and inviting logo that would connect with women in Tulsa who are looking for a coworking space just like Coworking Bravely. 

Her key words were "Inviting, Feminine, Relaxing, Community, Sanctuary, Creative and Bold". We went with a combination of sans serif fonts and geometric shapes for the overall branding, and we brought in a handwritten font and feminine colors to bring some softness into the sharp lines.