The Experience

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Branding Packages

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Starter Package

This package is for businesses who want to build the foundation of their brand and kick-start their visual design. We’ll focus on creating your logo design and submark for your business, along with the most important printed stationery and first impression, your business card!

4 week process

Brand Discovery


Seasonal Color Psychology

Sub-mark & Logo Design

Final Logo Files for Digital & Print

Brand Cheat Sheet

Business Cards (100)


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Trailblazer Package

Dive deep into your branding, your messaging and your overall vision with Trailblazer Package. This package combines brand strategy and design for a full-scale roll-out and launch in the last week.

We will focus on creating a vision for your brand, along with your strategy that will guide the growth of your business. Then we’ll jump into the aesthetics of your logo, submark, custom pattern and colors, and finish off with your printed stationery items that will fuel your in-person marketing.

7 Week Process

Brand Discovery


Submark, Logo Design & Logo Variations

Final Files for Digital & Print

Brand Style Manual

Seasonal Color Psychology


Business Cards (100)

+ Tagline Creation

+ 2 Printed Stationery Items

+ Custom Pattern / Illustrations

+ Social Media graphics for Instagram & Facebook

+ Guidance for Roll-out and Launch

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The Process


1: Connect

We connect and schedule a time to chat (ideally over a warm drink) about your project.

2: Discovery

We will go through a design discovery questionnaire that nails down your why, your target audience, your competition, your goals and your aesthetics.

3: Sketch

We take to pencil and paper to create a blueprint for your logo design long before we ever get onto the computer. 


4: Design & Deliver

We will take the sketched ideas onto the computer and bring them to life. This is where most of the revisions come in. I work very closely with you on the design to make sure throughout this final step, that we are staying aligned with your goals.

5: Stationery

We move onto your business cards, or with the trailblazer, your stationery suite. We design them to go seamlessly with your branding and I work with high-quality printing partners to make sure your stationery comes out exactly how we planned. 

6: Launch & Rollout (Trailblazer)

With the Trailblazer package, the last step is to create a launch/roll-out schedule for your brand. This includes guiding you through launching your new brand to your social media followers and email list. 


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A la Carte Options

Even though we are passionate about branding and logo design, we understand that some businesses just need to create consistency around their already built logo. That's where we come in. We help create digital and print materials that help create authentic branding that will connect to your target market. 


Business Cards

Custom designed digital file

Custom designed physically printed

Digital Pieces

Facebook ads

Social media graphics

Blog graphics


Stationery Pieces



Thank you cards

Promotional postcards

Leave-behind cards


Multi-page booklets


Signage - banners, outdoor sign

Custom window decals

Custom t-shirt design

Business rubber stamp




What projects do you enjoy designing the most?

My heart is in small business branding. HB Designs was built with small businesses in mind, and as a local lover myself, my goal is to help small businesses, like mine, succeed in their industry. 

How much do your services cost?

This changes with every project, based on the needs of your business. Once we have our first consultation and go through the questionnaire, I will have a clear idea of the scope of the project and will present a quote. 

What is the timeline like? 

Each project type is different, but you can expect a minimum of 4 weeks for each package type. After our first consultation, the timeline will be given in detail along with the quote. 

How do I get My project started?

After agreeing to the project and price, the next step is signing the contract and putting down the deposit. That puts your project in the first available place in the schedule. 

Do you just offer branding and logo design?

No! I also specialize in layout and print design. If you don't see what you are looking for, reach out and ask! I would love to talk about a custom design project or retainer project!

How do you get to know me and my business?

I work closely with my clients. It is very important to me for you to be a collaborator and not just a client. With that said, I spend time with you during the consultation and questionnaire, to really uncover your business and goals. I also do my research and try to immerse myself in your industry. 

What do I need to do before becoming a client? 

I would recommend doing a self-evaluation on your business and where you want to see yourself in 5 years. I will help to uncover a lot of the aspects of your business, but it would be great if you knew what your ideal customer looks like and how you want your customers to see and remember your business. 

How much time is required of me?

My goal is for you to be involved and aware of each step of the process, but your homework is at the very beginning of the project with answering the questionnaire. The rest of the process collaborating on options sent, revisions, color choices, and final approval. 

Do you design websites?

Yes I do, but I only take on a handful of website projects a year so that it doesn't take away from my branding and logo design clients. If you are wanting a website created, I recommend first going through one of my branding packages and having your website be an add-on at the end of the process. If you want more info, please reach out




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