Paige Hulse Law - Logo Design & Stationery

  Photo by Jennifer Ashurst Photography

About the Client

Paige and I met at a local monthly creative gathering. After meeting, Paige reached out to me with a dream to branch out and create her own law practice for creatives. She needed a logo that would speak to creatives, but also be a strong, professional looking logo that would give an image of expertise and structure with being a law firm.

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After brainstorming and creating a moodboard we were able to nail down a neutral color palette with blues added in. We also talked about the symbolism of the olive branch of "peace and victory" tying into the law profession. We decided to keep everything very minimal and structured, but to balance it out, Paige wrote out her tagline "attorney for creatives" in calligraphy (she owned a calligraphy business in a past life) to add a personal touch and speak more towards creatives. And we also decided to add in an illustration of the olive branch to soften the logo icon and add more creative interest. 

  Photo by Jennifer Ashurst Photography