Skydance Acupuncture - Logo Design

Photo by Jennifer Ashurst Photography

About the Client

Skydance Acupuncture is a small luxury business for stress relief, balance and anti-aging. Skydance specializes in cosmetic acupuncture and stress relief for professional adults. After getting trained in Meizen acupuncture and using acupuncture personally for balance, ache and pain relief and stress relief, the owner wanted to start her own small business helping others find the same relief. 


After brainstorming, creating a moodboard, and testing out a few different avenues, we both were sold on having a sleek text logo that played into the luxury and minimal feel, but we needed to figure out one major thing. The number one concern was that a lot of people are scared of needles, so we wanted to minimize that by introducing a graphic that is more natural and comforting.

Photo by Jennifer Ashurst Photography