The Process

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1. Connect

We connect and schedule a time to chat about your project (ideally over an iced latte)


4. Design and Deliver

We take the sketched ideas onto the computer and bring them to life. This is where most of the revisions come in. We work clowely with you on the design to make sure throughout this final step taht we are staying aligned to your goals

2. Discovery

We will go through a design dicovery questionnaire that nails down your why, your target market, your competition, your goals and your aesthetics. 


5. Stationery Pieces

We move onto your business cards, or with the trailblazer, your stationery suite. We design them to go seamlessly with your branding. we work with high-quality printing partners to make sure your stationery comes out exactly how we planned. 

3. Sketch

We take pencil to paper and create a bluepritn of your logo options long before we ever get onto the computer


6. Launch & Rollout (Trailblazer)

With the trailblazer package, the last step is to create a launch/rollout schedule for your brand. This includes guiding you through launching your new brand to your social media followers and email list. 


Ready to get started?