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I'm so happy you're here! I'm the graphic designer, brand strategist and paper enthusiast behind HB Designs. Most days you can find me at home working from my standing desk, sipping lattes, and taking cuddle breaks with my two furry assistant pups.

Married 5 years to my sweet husband, I am constantly dreaming of our next travel destination or adventure....and by dreaming I mean planning every detail down to the minute. I'm a plant-killer in denial (just one more succulent) and love to be outside in any season but winter - where are my sun-lovers at!?

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HB Designs is a design studio based in Tulsa, OK dedicated to small business owners who want to reach their super-fans through personalized branding and print design.

Collaboration is extremely close to my heart, and throughout the design process I want every client to be a collaborator, not just a customer. I am all ears for ideas, goals and inspiration and love getting to know each client's stories, passions and struggles. 

My goal for each client is to walk away with a brand/stationary piece that is not only beautiful, but also equips them to start the dream that they can't get out of their head, or helps them grow their business and reach the customers that are waiting just for them to come along. 


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