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 Photo: Bobarkin Photography

About The Project



Our goal with the branding was to create something that was unique to the Pearl - timeless, elegant, moody - and reflected the speakeasy style inside. Inside the venue, you'll find brick walls, moody lighting, antique mirrors, iron lanterns and vintage wine barrels. It's elegant and eclectic and takes you back to a different time. 

With the inside style being as unique as it is and having so much character and personality, we decided to bring a few of the elements that make the pearl so unique into the branding. So we brought in some frames and embellishments from the ceiling tiles and vintage bar piece, and the iron lanterns that are the main highlight of the middle room. Our key words were: Timeless, urban, elegant, creative, service, unique, speakeasy, eclectic. 

— Bobby
 Photo: Bobarkin Photography
 Photo: Holly Felts Photography

What was the most valuable piece of the process?

— Bobby
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