Adventures in Tulsa: Coffee Shops

Since moving to Tulsa, we are constantly having friends and family reach out to ask where they should go in Tulsa, to eat, enjoy coffee or entertainment. Either they’re coming for an anniversary, or a weekend, or to visit friends and don’t know where to go. Because Caleb and I tried to live it up and experience everything in Tulsa the first year we lived here, we are good people to ask.

Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite local coffee shops here in Tulsa. If you are planning a trip here, you have to experience some of our coffee shops! Tulsa is filled with cool coffee shops, oozing with local flavor and delicious coffee and treats. Plan to give some of the coffee shops on the list some love when you come to visit. They are sure to not disappoint!


1. Foolish Coffee

This is my go-to coffee shop to work from. It’s nestled right on the outskirts of downtown, close to everything. They also have their own dedicated parking lot, which is a surprising find in Tulsa. I love the exposed brick walls, the floor to ceiling windows, the locally made wood and iron tables, and the option to sit at regular height or bar height table. They have delicious coffee and highlight different roasts as their specials of the day. They also have full breakfast and lunch menu.

2. Shades of Brown

This is such a great date night or evening coffee house. I love the environment of this coffee house at nighttime. They have intimate nooks and crannies, old couches and worn tables and chairs, and twinkle lights and lamps throughout. It is right in the heart of Brookside, which is such a fun area anyways, so even walking in and grabbing a coffee or tea to go, and exploring the area is fun. They have some fantastic baked goods! Their muffins are as big as your face and enough to share, and they always have freshly baked cookies ready to go.

Also, if you get your coffee or tea and stay, you get to drink out of handmade Shades of Brown mugs! *heart eyes* You can also purchase their mugs in store.


3. Double Shot

This place is a coffee snob’s dream. I mean, a portlandia sketch is based off of it! As soon as you walk in the door, the smell from the roastery and coffee shop in one, makes you want to try everything! It smells so delicious. They also have working kitchen and have some of the best pastries and baked goods. Stay for breakfast and coffee, and then walk just next door to BurnCo for the best BBQ of your life, and your day will be made.

4. Coffee House on Cherry Street

This coffee house is pretty close to my heart. Before we even moved to Tulsa, I would come to Coffee House on Cherry street (CHOCS) while visiting my best friend. Then when we moved to Tulsa, we lived in a rent house, not even a mile away. On nice days, we would walk or ride bikes to sit on the patio and sip our coffees and teas while surveying all the happenings on Cherry Street. They also have some of the best baked goods, and an amazing gluten free selection. My sister and brother-in-law actually used one of their gluten free pies as the “cake” they cut at their wedding. So if that doesn’t sell it for you, I’m not sure what will! ( ;

5. The Phoenix

The Phoenix is such a fun place! Extremely unique and quirky, which I love. Here you will find, delicious bagel sandwiches, a ceiling covered in table lamps – hung upside down, a bar made entirely of library books, and a “hidden” library for studying and being mysterious. It is definitely a place to go. They are open late most nights, so it’s great for late night studying, date night coffee, or going out with friends.

6. Chimera

Chimera is located in one of my favorite districts in Tulsa, the Brady District. It’s full of so much life and vibrance and is growing like crazy. Chimera not only had delicious coffees and teas, they also have a fantastic lunch menu that is vegan and gluten free friendly. I love the environment with floor to ceiling windows, iron, wood and brick.

7. Hodges Bend

Coffee house by day, bar by night, Hodges Bend is a step into 1920’s prohibition era! Here you will find tufted leather booths, tin ceilings, brick walls, and marble. It’s a great place for working during the day and hanging out in the evening. The environment is so fun, and you immediately feel fancier when you walk through the door. 


8. Antoinettes

Antoinette Baking Co might be more of a sweets place, but they made it on my list for the coffee and my first “working from Antoinette’s” experience. The coffee is good, the food is delicious, but you can’t leave without taking a dessert with you. They have a new home in the Brady District that is absolutely gorgeous and are known for their pie nights.

9. Piper’s Favorite

We couldn’t leave out Piper’s favorite coffee shop. She loves Starbuck’s pup-uccinos as an occasional treat! They make her feel so fancy with her puppy-sized starbucks cup all for herself, and she loves the fluffy sweet whipped cream. Two tail wags for Starbucks!

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