Chimera Breakfast Review

There is nothing better than not having to cook your own breakfast some mornings. Am I right?! What’s even better than that is enjoying a mid-week breakfast with an out-of-town friend that you haven’t seen since before Christmas. This Wednesday gave me all the feels and also a delightfully full tummy. ( :

My friend who moved to Oregon last summer was in town visiting family and friends this past week and I feel so special that she made a pit-stop in Tulsa and spent one of her mornings with me. After a really hard decision of where to take her for breakfast in Tulsa, I decided on Chimera. It was such a hard decision! If you ate breakfast at a different Tulsa restaurant every day for a month, I’m not sure you’d get through all of the options. But Chimera it was! Not only is it a cool, eclectic coffee shop that might remind one of being in a cool hipster city, it also has some good coffee and a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free – friendly menu.

We each got a breakfast taco, coffee drink and I got the prettiest cup of fruit I’ve ever seen. We both were starving and ate our tacos before I could snap a picture, but I did stop to appreciate the fruit cup and latte!

The coffee is always fantastic, and the breakfast tacos were really yummy. They come a la carte and vary between $3 and $4 dollars each. The great thing is that they are stuffed to the brim with eggs, veggies, meat, and/or this delicious blog of chipotle creme that I would compare to quac, so they are packed with yumminess. One taco with the fruit bowl held me over until lunch, but you might have to get two tacos if you want to have a filling breakfast.

I got the Disappearer taco with bacon, eggs, chipotle creme (which was fantastic!) and cilantro. My friend got the Kool Thing with fauxrizo, black beans, arugula, avocado creme and cilantro and said it was really good.

Next time you are thinking of a breakfast place, or are in town visiting, stop by Chimera and eat a delicious breakfast taco!

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