Paige Hulse Law Logo Design + Stationary

Paige Hulse is an attorney for creatives over at, where she provides very much needed legal guidance to creative entrepreneurs who are confused and overwhelmed with the legal side of starting and growing a business. And what better person for the job than a creative herself! Paige not only has a creative mind, but started her own calligraphy business, where she got a taste of creative entrepreneurship. 

Paige and I met at a local monthly creative gathering. After meeting, Paige reached out to me with a dream to branch out and create her own law practice for creatives. I was intrigued, who wouldn't be? So we decided to meet up for coffee and chat about her soon-to-be law practice and how I could help.

We connected quickly over coffee, our love for our sweet pups, and the potential she had to make huge waves in the creative industry and help a lot of people like me work through contracts, copyrights, trademarks and all the other scary things that creative business owners like to brush to the side and forget about.

For her new practice, she needed a logo that would speak to creatives, but also be a strong, professional logo that would be respected and give an image of expertise and structure. She also needed some stationery designed to be able to market herself in person and create an unforgettable experience for each of her clients.

The key words for her brand were Southern, Classic, and Professional. Some sub-words were trustworthy and creative. And I think we nailed it with her logo. 


Paige also needed business cards to be able to market herself in-person and bring the brand full circle. We created a two-toned card on the thickest cotton stock that we could find and they turned out professional, but also have a textile feel that make you take a second look. We also planned for the weight of the cards to tie back to a trustworthy, professional brand. 

For her letterhead, we went more with a textile approach with a linen stock to add a little bit of interest for any client letters that she sends. 


My goal for each client is to equip them with a logo and brand that they can easily implement in every facet of their business. Head over to Paige's website to see her logo and color palette in action. 


If you're interested in starting a project to reach your super-fans through personalized branding and business stationary, head over to my contact form and let's connect!