Hollyberry and Co Logo + Stationary Design

Hollyberry and Co is a local gifts and seasonal decor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They sell a variety of home and garden decor, as well as local artisan products. The owners pride themselves on service and curating pieces that their customers will love. 

After spending several years in a local shopping center, they decided to make a bold move to a shopping center that boasts foot traffic, and busy shoppers. With the move they decided they needed a full rebrand. This included a logo refresh, business cards, stationary, and signage. 

It was such a joy to work with such entrepreneurs and small business owners who love serving Tulsan's with gifts and decor curated for their homes. 

The problems that Hollyberry was having with their original brand is that it really backed them into a corner and restricted their target market and the products they could sell. With their original brand being dark and very christmas-y, they had found that traffic boomed around Christmas time, but decreased the rest of the year. They also wanted to open up their target market a little more, and their brand was not allowing them to do that. 

Here is the old logo and store front. It heavily focused on Christmas, and they no longer wanted to be know soley as a "Christmas store" since they had gifts and decor for all seasons. 


With a trademark in place for their logo shape, we decided to refresh their brand instead of completely start from scratch. By taking away the gold circle shape that was throughout their signage, stationary and gift bags, we were able to give the logo some room to breathe. The main difference is of course the color palette. We chose to fresh it up with lighter/cooler colors, while also keeping a deep red to signify the holly berries, but not scream Christmas. 

One of the design elements that we incorporated throughout the graphics and stationary is a wood texture background. It adds warmth and approachability to the brand, and also ties it together with the new store and the wood elements that they have in it. 

We used a brand new Neenah paper that has a wood textured paper for their business cards. The texture is great and adds that extra experience to their brand.