Podcasts to Listen to 2017

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what podcasts were in the beginning of 2015. I thought NPR was some political radio station that people my grandparents age listened to. Sometime during the year, my naive little bubble burst and I dove into the podcast world.

Working from home, it gets a little bit quiet, besides the daily attack of the front door by my dogs when the mailman comes. When I am deep in a project, I like to listen to something and I think I have played my one Spotify playlist way too much over the last few years. I needed something interesting that kept my mind working as I designed. I’ve tried audio books, but that requires too much attention, and music gets boring after awhile, podcasts were just enough that it took attention, but I could come in and out and not lose too much of the message. They were perfect.

 So here are a few of the podcasts that I enjoy listening to as I work, cook, and drive.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman has been recording Design Matters for TWELVE years!!! She's author, an educator, brand strategist and the host of Design Matters. She interviews designers, authors, writers, artists, musicians, curators, etc. People who have influenced the culture of the art industry. Guys this podcast is a MUST listen if you are an artist or in the creative field. 

Being Boss

This is a podcast for creative individuals, especially those who have their own business or plan to start their own business. Being Boss is led by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson and they are just as insightful as they are hilarious. These two awesome women talk everything from working from home, to how to keep inspired and motivated, to how to be a mom and a business owner, to answering questions that every creative has about how to run their business.

Goal Digger

This is Jenna Kutcher's podcast and it is fabulous!! She is a brilliant business owner and in this podcast, she pulls back the veils and not only shares tips and tricks for owning and building your own business, but she also shares the "real" behind being an entrepreneur. It's a breath of fresh air and I am always so inspired after listening to an episode. 

Creative Empire

I am in love with this podcast and the variety of topics and guests they have on. Reina Pomeroy and Christina Scalara create such a great flow to each episode with the different questions and comments they ask. This, just like the Being Boss and Goal Digger podcasts is such a great resource for creatives and especially creative business owners. 

99% Invisible

Although this is a podcast about the process and power of design and architecture, it is a podcast for anyone, not just designers or creatives. Roman Mars makes a water fountain sound interesting. He takes everyday objects and ideas that we take for granted and talks about their history, the process of their design and their progress throughout the years to become what they are today. Each episode is so interesting, and after listening you’ll feel like you could dominate any trivia game.

Elise gets Crafty

Elise Blaha was looking for a podcast for small business owners and creatives, and when she didn’t find what she was looking for, she started her own. She talks tips and tricks for small business owners and brings interesting creatives and entrepreneurs on to pick their brain and learn about their expertise.

All of these podcasts can be found on stitcher, on their individual websites, and on the podcast app on iphones.

What are your favorite podcasts?