1967 Designs Logo

I met Tyler through a good friend in my Tuesdays Together group. She also happens to be his wife. I love when friends refer potential clients to me, because they care so much about that person that they want them to succeed. Either that person doesn't have a logo at all, or their logo is no longer working for their business anymore and their friend has took notice and wants to help. 

Tyler came to me without a logo, without social media accounts, and without a website. All he had was his expertise, his experience, and his portfolio, and to my surprise he was growing his business and working really cool projects. But he had realized that to cross the line into larger projects, he needed to have a professional logo and build out his branding so that people could find him and easily refer him to people they knew. 

1967 Designs is a production company here in Oklahoma that serves it's clients through audio, video, lighting and design. Tyler is extremely knowledgeable about production design and is passionate about creating the best guest experience for his clients. 

When we started the branding process, I took Tyler through the brand discovery process and his seasonal personality was 100% winter. His brand style was modern, high-quality, dramatic, and cutting edge. So we played with various styles that were ultra modern, crisp and clean and ended up with an abstract take on sound waves. 



Here's a little video of the sketching process.


Tyler is in the process of building out his website and social media accounts. You can find him on facebook and instagram