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I met Jessica at my first ever Tuesdays Together meeting through the Rising Tide Society back in February of 2016. I remember during our group discussion thinking that she had such a love for what she did that I wanted to learn more about her and her business. We became social media friends, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year, when I made a goal for myself to be more involved with the creatives in my community that our friendship grew. 

I put myself out on a limb and asked her to lunch a day back in February. We met at one of the favorite diners in downtown Tulsa and talked all about our passions, her love for photography and helping brides make their wedding day perfect, how we both loved art history, and our rescue pups and our side-passions for helping pups everywhere find forever homes. All that to say, we totally clicked and I fell in love with her business and how it serves others. 

While this meeting didn’t end with either of us selling the other on one of our packages, it did grow our relationship and open up the curiosity for how we could serve each other. So we met a second time, with Jessica asking me to lunch, and it ended with the creation of a partnership. In exchange for a logo design and brand refresh, Jessica took the amazing lifestyle images you see on my site and social media today. 

When Jessica and I met for our first branding consultation, we went through my questionnaire and came up with a style that fit her business, her goals, and the brand she had already built. Our main concern was that she had built a popular brand in the Tulsa area and we wanted to make sure the logo we created fit into that brand and helped it grow, instead of confusing her already loyal fans. Her brand words ended up being timeless, romantic and fresh. 

We ended up choosing a serif font that stands on it’s own and adds to the romantic feel. We also created a badge that is flexible and could grow with her business. 

We were very careful with the colors we used and ended up going with a neutral color palette that would play into the timeless and romantic style she was wanting. 


It was such a pleasure to work through the logo with Jessica and be able to see the logo in action and working to build her business and brand.

Go check out Jessica Lynn Tucker Photography!! She is extremely talented and has the kindest heart. You are sure to be served well when picking her for your special day. 


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If you have a brand that you’ve built from the ground up, but your logo isn’t growing with your brand or saying what you want it to say, reach out! I would love to talk to you about refreshing or building you a brand new logo that will grow with your business and fit well inside your already built brand, so that you don’t have to start from scratch, but continue the work you’re already doing! Head over to the connect page!